Monday, July 25, 2016


©2016 David Moody

I have to laugh
And you will hear my laughter
It saves me from the fear of the aftermath
I have to cry
I feel my eyes start tearing
And I don't want to believe a single thing I'm hearing

My America
She'll never die
She is the very light that enters my eyes
My America
She is my heart
She was my soul from the very start
She was my America

Before the storm warnings we could see the danger
Even as it was forming we could not believe the anger
We can't afford to ignore another cloaked stranger
A single moment longer

Before this completely unlawful regime
The likes of which we've never seen
Before the unfolding of the heinous scheme
We were all so much stronger

She is OUR America
And we'll take her back
Don't even THINK we haven't been keeping track
And we saw you stab her right in the back
Again and again and again

She is OUR America
And we have come to understand
The less you deserve, the more you demand
And we know you've been planning your attack
But to the death we will forever defend

Our America

Friday, December 11, 2015

American Dreaming

©2015 David Moody

Under these skies
Don’t be surprised
If things just don’t seem right

Open your eyes
And realize
That your freedom’s worth the fight

Dozens of lies
And acts of treason
Have finally taken their toll

Who will live to tell?

In these United States
Where life’s been great
We pay a man with no sense or reason

Hired an enemy fraud
Who thinks he’s God
Some still applaud his acts of treason

“That’s not who we are”

We are now paying our so-called “president”
To destroy our American dreams
We are all praying our so-called “president”
Will be TAKEN OUT of this scene
That’s all I’m saying – so catch my meaning
You’d better wake up
From your American Dreaming

If you want to survive

Friday, December 12, 2014

Heaven Knows I've Tried

©2014 David Moody

I’m going to start growing someone else’s hair
And nobody’s putting their fertilizer under there
If I never find out, then I just won’t care
Heaven knows

I’m pulling out the neurosis from this old garden
Planting seeds of faith ‘fore the ground is frozen, hard,
‘N tough to break and make it not worth startin’
Heaven knows

I’ve TRIED being quiet, but my spirit wouldn’t buy it
I’ve TRIED to tell the truth - like mama told me in my youth
When I didn’t listen

I’ve TRIED to hold my tongue, and not to come all unstrung
I’ve TRIED to ignore all the lovin’ and the fun
That I’d been missin’

But I won’t stop trying, and I’ll never be done
‘Cause there’s no denying - you’re the only one
Heaven knows

I’m going to start showing your reflection out there
To the unpatriotic and the unaware
If I forget my complexion, I think that’s fair
Heaven knows

My religion is getting to a whole new place
Like a pigeon that’s sitting on a statue’s face
To tolerate this intolerance is a total disgrace
Heaven knows 

Friday, November 28, 2014


©2014 David Moody

You hear sarcastic poetry
And right away you know it's me
Don't even have to turn around and look

You get a kind of half-way grin
We wonder where the hell we've been
And someday, one of us will write a book

There's no point even wishin'
I could be a great musician
But that doesn't mean I'll quit trying

I just want to live
And give it all I've got to give
Because I know someday might look down from the sky
and I'll wonder...

Let me be your mirror
You will see yourself much clearer
Just show me what you'd like to be shown

You can be my mentor
And I’ll be your III%er
We can’t let this crap go on the way it’s goin’

And, just so you know
You’ll reap everything you sow
See everything you show and there’s a place down below
And if that’s where I must go
I will only enter
as your faithful III%er

Saturday, October 25, 2014

In America

©2014 David Moody

I do so long for such a sight to see
All Americans in the same fight to be free
From this intolerably immoral travesty
In America

I know what's wrong and what's right for me
We The People should be living in harmony
We fought too long and hard for this evil to be
In America

In America
Where we learned to fight for our freedom
In America
We all earned our rights, and we’ll keep ‘em
In America
Though we don’t all agree, we will fight for what’s right
For you and also for me

In America
You can always believe in what you want to
In America
You can love it or be leaving if you want to
In America
Like no other country, we will shine like a light
By which the whole world can see

I hear the plea for reason, and self-righteous politicians
I fear the seeds of treason have misguided our mission
Now here comes the end of the time for wishin’
In America

I know we have the strength to keep ourselves free
I know to what length we’ll go to make our homeland be
The prime example of why freedom is never free
In America

In America
Where we learned to fight for our freedom
In America
We all earned our rights, and we’ll keep ‘em
In America
Though we don’t all agree, we will fight for what’s right
For you and also for me

In America
You can always believe in what you want to
In America
You can love it or be leaving if you want to
In America
Like no other country, we will shine like a light
By which the world can see
We all need to be free
In America

Sunday, October 19, 2014

God Bless America

©2014 David Moody

Dear LORD,
There was nothing wrong with our education system...
Until someone came along and tried to "force-fix" it.
School lunches fed our children fine...
Until someone came along and decided to nix it.
We had the strongest militia in the world
Until someone wanted to gut it
OUR White House was open to public tours
Until someone decided to shut it
We had freedom of speech and religion
And every right to defend ourselves
We had open information on 43 presidents
Now #44 locked it up, and hid it on the shelves
Our constitution and our Bill of Rights
Until someone LIED to get his job
And now we've got every reason to fight
We had a sovereign nation, strong and proud
And RESPECT at all our borders
Now the border patrol cannot speak aloud,
And will be arrested for following orders
We had people with content of character within
Now at each other's throats 'cause of the color of their skin
We need to bring Jesus back, and make him WELCOME here
America's gone to HELL, and it's a shame and a SIN

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

We All Bleed Red

©2014 David Moody

Take the color of your skin and shove it
Shake off your hatred and your fear, and rise above it
Make your peace within, and learn to love it
That’s what I said
So put yourself in your victim’s shoes
Play a happy song when all you’ve got is the blues
Earn your pay, and pay your dues
Try to move ahead

I ain’t playing around
I got this damn thing down
I’m gonna paint this town with the
Sound of what I said
I ain’t your slave or your master
Ain’t like any other other bastard
Your disaster’s coming faster than you know
That’s what I said, and after all…
We all bleed red

I couldn't care less about the color of your skin
‘Cause all that really matters is the person within
If you came to steal what I rightly earned
You've got a big lesson to be learned
If you seek to pull my country apart
You never belonged here from very the start
You don’t have to believe a single word I said
But when it’s all over and done,
We all bleed red

You pushed us to the end of our rope
You promised change, and you promised hope
That was all lies, and the audacity of a dope
That we were fed
We’ve taken much more than we should take
We’ve wakin’ up mad from our own sad mistake
We’ve seen through your disguise – you’re a total fake
That’s what I said
When will you realize – we all bleed red

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Born With A Gun In Her Hand

©2014 David Moody

America was BORN with a gun in her hand
‘Cause this freedom ain’t free – it was hard fought and won
If you’ve still got your rights, I know you understand
And nobody but me is gonna reach for my gun

Today’s news is bigger than ever before
Still I have to wonder if we heard the truth
So fire at will ‘cause they’re outside your door
I can hear the THUNDER, the WORD and the PROOF

One nation under surveillance
With liberty and justice for sale

From the east came the terror, the threats, and now ISIS
From the White House – executive orders
From the south came illegals, and now it’s a crisis
Diseases flow over our borders

From the heart of the nation we feel the earth quaking
From sea to each shining sea
Now this sleeping giant is finally waking
It’s angry, and it’s YOU and ME

One nation under surveillance
With liberty and justice for sale
It’s time we all stood together
Because there is NO OPTION to fail
Lord, spare us the blood and the violence
By your grace and your strength we’ll prevail
We will NO LONGER suffer in silence
With your blessing, we’ll all fight like HELL

America:  She was BORN with a gun in her hand

Monday, June 23, 2014


©2014 David Moody

I always come back to you
No matter where I’ve been
No matter what I’ve done
I always come back to you
‘cause you’re the one that I

I always come back for your love
I couldn’t make this stuff up
It comes straight from the heart
Take my loving cup and
Fill it up with that precious

I knew ever since my youth
That I could read every lie
I would ready myself for the next
When you had already given me proof
So I always come back to

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Time Between

©2014 David Moody

The words don’t always come easy
If the words even come at all
I hope the good Lord sees me
Tryin’ so hard that He won’t let me fall

I’ve been staying up ‘til daybreak
Sleeping ‘til the afternoon
Hearing voices in my head as they make
Up stories by the light of the silvery moon

I need to feel your loving arms around me
I’ve got to have you holding me tight
That’s how I know you’re glad you found me
‘Cause I am now, and we just might

Take a bad thing and make it better
Take a good thing and make it great
Life’s a sad thing if you let her
Get you down and teach you how to hate
Its making you late

Everyone knows I’m a stranger
Stranger than anyone else
Everyone knows I’m a dangerous person
But only to myself

I feel your touch and I hear your whisper
When you are nowhere to be seen
There may be no answer to these mysteries
All we share is the time between