Friday, December 12, 2014

Heaven Knows I've Tried

©2014 David Moody

I’m going to start growing someone else’s hair
And nobody’s putting their fertilizer under there
If I never find out, then I just won’t care
Heaven knows

I’m pulling out the neurosis from this old garden
Planting seeds of faith ‘fore the ground is frozen, hard,
‘N tough to break and make it not worth startin’
Heaven knows

I’ve TRIED being quiet, but my spirit wouldn’t buy it
I’ve TRIED to tell the truth - like mama told me in my youth
When I didn’t listen

I’ve TRIED to hold my tongue, and not to come all unstrung
I’ve TRIED to ignore all the lovin’ and the fun
That I’d been missin’

But I won’t stop trying, and I’ll never be done
‘Cause there’s no denying - you’re the only one
Heaven knows

I’m going to start showing your reflection out there
To the unpatriotic and the unaware
If I forget my complexion, I think that’s fair
Heaven knows

My religion is getting to a whole new place
Like a pigeon that’s sitting on a statue’s face
To tolerate this intolerance is a total disgrace
Heaven knows 

1 comment:

  1. This is wonderful I must admit. The Lord watches over you, and I'm sure has something wonderful in store for your big heart and your purpose in life. I'm so very proud of you and proud to be your mate/wife.