Friday, November 28, 2014


©2014 David Moody

You hear sarcastic poetry
And right away you know it's me
Don't even have to turn around and look

You get a kind of half-way grin
We wonder where the hell we've been
And someday, one of us will write a book

There's no point even wishin'
I could be a great musician
But that doesn't mean I'll quit trying

I just want to live
And give it all I've got to give
Because I know someday might look down from the sky
and I'll wonder...

Let me be your mirror
You will see yourself much clearer
Just show me what you'd like to be shown

You can be my mentor
And I’ll be your III%er
We can’t let this crap go on the way it’s goin’

And, just so you know
You’ll reap everything you sow
See everything you show and there’s a place down below
And if that’s where I must go
I will only enter
as your faithful III%er

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