Friday, December 11, 2015

American Dreaming

©2015 David Moody

Under these skies
Don’t be surprised
If things just don’t seem right

Open your eyes
And realize
That your freedom’s worth the fight

Dozens of lies
And acts of treason
Have finally taken their toll

Who will live to tell?

In these United States
Where life’s been great
We pay a man with no sense or reason

Hired an enemy fraud
Who thinks he’s God
Some still applaud his acts of treason

“That’s not who we are”

We are now paying our so-called “president”
To destroy our American dreams
We are all praying our so-called “president”
Will be TAKEN OUT of this scene
That’s all I’m saying – so catch my meaning
You’d better wake up
From your American Dreaming

If you want to survive


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  2. Today is like no other chance you've had to believe in yourself.