Monday, July 25, 2016


©2016 David Moody

I have to laugh
And you will hear my laughter
It saves me from the fear of the aftermath
I have to cry
I feel my eyes start tearing
And I don't want to believe a single thing I'm hearing

My America
She'll never die
She is the very light that enters my eyes
My America
She is my heart
She was my soul from the very start
She was my America

Before the storm warnings we could see the danger
Even as it was forming we could not believe the anger
We can't afford to ignore another cloaked stranger
A single moment longer

Before this completely unlawful regime
The likes of which we've never seen
Before the unfolding of the heinous scheme
We were all so much stronger

She is OUR America
And we'll take her back
Don't even THINK we haven't been keeping track
And we saw you stab her right in the back
Again and again and again

She is OUR America
And we have come to understand
The less you deserve, the more you demand
And we know you've been planning your attack
But to the death we will forever defend

Our America

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  1. Can I copy this and use it on my blog... next Wednesday?