Sunday, October 19, 2014

God Bless America

©2014 David Moody

Dear LORD,
There was nothing wrong with our education system...
Until someone came along and tried to "force-fix" it.
School lunches fed our children fine...
Until someone came along and decided to nix it.
We had the strongest militia in the world
Until someone wanted to gut it
OUR White House was open to public tours
Until someone decided to shut it
We had freedom of speech and religion
And every right to defend ourselves
We had open information on 43 presidents
Now #44 locked it up, and hid it on the shelves
Our constitution and our Bill of Rights
Until someone LIED to get his job
And now we've got every reason to fight
We had a sovereign nation, strong and proud
And RESPECT at all our borders
Now the border patrol cannot speak aloud,
And will be arrested for following orders
We had people with content of character within
Now at each other's throats 'cause of the color of their skin
We need to bring Jesus back, and make him WELCOME here
America's gone to HELL, and it's a shame and a SIN

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