Tuesday, April 8, 2014

...And That Was Just Today

©2014 David Moody

I’ve seen the sun go gliding
Across the skies
And saw it slowly sliding behind the horizon
Never even doubting that it would be rising
On another day

I saw my life flash by
In the wink of an eye
And dreams of milk and honey in the sweet by-and-by
When I realized I’d been so unwise, and had to
Find another way

And that was just today
I swore I’d be a real go-getter
It was just today
I vowed to make life so much better
It was just today
I would ring in the good, rule out the bad
Put a heartfelt smile on a face gone sad
Make someone’s day the best they ever had
…And that was just today

I heard the angels singing
In the room upstairs
Heard the church bells ringing like someone really cares
That there was no time left to make the needed repairs
On another day

I saw a world in pain from a loss of faith
Put my heart and soul into fixing the place
While everybody’s losing this human race
Because they all lost their way
…And that was just today

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