Friday, April 4, 2014

For My Country

©2014 David Moody

This crap’s been going on far too long
I’m taking back my rights before they’re all gone
We’re gonna have to fight because it’s so damn wrong
For my country

We’ve been through good times, and some bad
But we fought for every thing we ever had
I’d rather die than feel so damn sad
For my country

And I’ll do it For My Country
I’ll say: “Screw it!” For My Country
Because we’ve all had enough of this ridiculous stuff
From our Communist legislators
So I’ll say it For My Country
And I’ll play it For My Country
Just as soon as I’ve got a tune
That can eliminate these tyrants and traitors

And I’ll do it For My Country…….
And I’m not waiting for later

This time we’ve finally seen the light
This time we’re going to get it right
Last time you didn’t even see me fight
For My Country

This time I will not share your blame
This time I have improved my aim, because
I know in my heart my Lord Jesus came
For My Country

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