Wednesday, April 9, 2014

In Your Dreams

©2014 David Moody

In your mind, you’re SO refined
And savoir faire is everywhere
But in your heart, you’re all torn apart
And you’ve been that way since you met me there
In your dreams

You’re still trying hard to just forget
Nightmares you haven’t even had yet
And in your mind’s eye, you could almost cry
‘Cause you’ll never be as close as you can get
In your dreams

You can talk to angels
In some unearthly place
You can defy the laws of gravity, and time, and space
And you could be the master of the grand design,
Where I could be all yours, and you, all mine
In your dreams

Now you can drink, and can smoke
And you might think this life’s a joke
But it’s not funny any more

And you can sing, and you can dance
And you can wish for sweet romance
With somebody you adore

Then you might work your life away
You know you’ve got those bills to pay
Those bills you can’t ignore

Or you can hope and you can pray
But you must learn to like surprises
‘Cause there are more and they’re coming your way
in different shapes and different sizes
In your dreams…

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