Friday, March 7, 2014

Tarnished Glory

©2014 David Moody

I’m not cryin’ when I’m dyin’
I can look you in the eye an’ tell you’re lyin’

I can’t believe the situation
One of us could use a “deep-six vacation”
And it isn’t me

I harbor no hatred
Though you tried like hell,
But LOVE is strong and sacred
And it fits so well
Unless you don’t know how to wear it
And you rip it and you tear it to pieces
When I know damn well He sees us
And He’s coming to release us all
From your tarnished glory
This was your rise and fall
Now it’s the end of your story
I know it is the TRUTH that truly frees us

I know it is the truth - so help me, God

1 comment:

  1. Straight from your heart and not your brain is the best way to write. Way ta go Dave one of your better ones. So proud to be your wife. hugs