Saturday, December 28, 2013

Politically Incorrect

©2013 David Moody

I am lost and weak without you and, Lord
I can't even speak about you or your words anymore
That would be “politically incorrect”

Like an ocean of tears forms from rivers of sorrow
It's like nobody’s even thinking about tomorrow anymore
It's so “politically incorrect”

But I won’t stand to see my Lord
Pinned beneath this devil's sword
‘Cause Jesus has a home,
And it’s right here in America
I won’t stand to let my Christ
See a crucifixion twice
‘Cause He’s as welcome here at home
As you and I, right here in America

Read your dollar bill
I don’t need your change
And I know you never will
It’s OUR country and we want it BACK

We’re Americans
And don’t take kindly to the pain
Of your empty answers
Or the sense of honesty that you lack

I’m will not die for some tyrant’s dream
I know who he is and just what he means to do
to all our children and to you and me
This is America, and we want it back

And I know someone’s keeping track

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