Monday, January 20, 2014

Cold Beer and Rowdy Music

©2014 David Moody

Cold beer…                      and rowdy music
Life is hard but I’m leaving it behind
This is one fine feeling, and I sure could use it
‘Fore I lose what’s left of my troubled mind

This is my country
And this country is sublime
And tears are fine
As long as they’re not yours or mine

We have majestic souls
We are kindred spirits
There’s a call in the wind
And we all can hear it

So Lord, give me something
Give me something to say
If you don’t feel like talking,
I’ll be here anyway


  1. Love that last paragraph... totally totally.... what a concept too! YOU ROCK!

  2. Wow!! He certainly DOES rock!! And in a most awesome way!! The words are not what I expected from the title (it conjured up images of a rowdy juke box sawdust floor and loud people) instead I get a thoughtful and yes , optimistic rendition of words to live by!! Way to go, Dave!!