Saturday, June 25, 2011

Would You Hold Onto Me?

©2011 David Moody

Somewhere between the silence and the song
There’s a place that’s neither right nor wrong
Where someone who has a heart of pure gold
Doesn’t have to be told
They can’t be bought or sold

Someplace that’s not too hot or cold
There’s a soul that’s neither young nor old
Somewhere between the piano keys
And the hardest of times – times just like these
You’ll hear the softest voice that begs you, please
Would you hold on to me?

But I can’t write a song like this
I can’t express the total bliss
Of such a completely enchanted kiss
I can’t find the words
So it will never be heard

And I can’t play the tune – here’s why
‘Cause it would only make you cry
And this weakness only makes me stronger
‘Til I can’t hold on a moment longer
To the locked gates of heaven or the master key
So would you hold onto me?

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