Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wicked Mortal Lie

©2014 David Moody

I know you're watching me
I wonder how I look
Do I act my age or act out in rage?
Would this life of mine make a good book?

We’re used to living free
I wonder will it last
Now everyone must fight or we’ll lose all our rights
We’ve seen this all before in the past

I see the children cry
And I’m longing for their laughter
You can see the reason why
I have to wonder what will come after
This disaster

I put my faith in you
And I’ve got plenty more
I’ll be your friend until the bitter end –
Just give us strength and we will even the score

There’s no replacing you
No matter how they try
And with the love you gave, you’re more than just my savoir
More than any wicked mortal lie

I hear your children’s cries
And I can’t understand
As water rises to my eyes
Is this really how you planned it
Lord and Master?
I can’t pray any faster

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