Monday, April 28, 2014

Ride it Out

©2014 David Moody

I’ve had a hard time believing
Good times might be coming my way
I’ve spent some hard times- just grieving
And I’ve wondered why life’s that way

Good times go when hard times come
Then you may begin to know a feeling so numb
There’s only one thing you can do
You’ve got to ride it out

I’ve been aware of your deceiving
And I’ve seen every card you had to play
Now I spend my days and nights retrieving
Golden memories of the good old days

Hard times will come when good times go
And you’ll learn some things you don’t want to know
There’s only one thing you can do
You’ve got to ride it out

I can only pray it all works out well
I’ve got my fingers crossed –
And only time will tell
I can only stay until they ring the bell
And hope I don’t get lost
After I wish you well

Because …
You have never heard how hard my heart cries,
But you won’t see any tears from my eyes
And I won’t go on believing any more of your lies
And you won’t keep deceiving me with your disguise
Surprise, surprise, surprise
You’ve got to ride it out
Surprise, surprise, surprise
We know what you’re all about
Surprise, surprise, surprise

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