Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Angel Now

©2013 David Moody

I want to hold you so tight
There’ll be no room for any more pain or fear
And no more suffering in sight
I have to do it right now and right here
I know where you’ve been – and what was done to you
It was a shame and a sin, and now I come to you
With a heart overflowing, and beating like a drum for you
‘Cause you’re my angel now

I want to hold you so tight
That I squeeze out all your hatred and rage
No need to put up a fight
And it’s way too late to act your age
I know what you mean without a single word spoken
I know what you’ve seen, and every promise that was broken
You needed a change of scene – so you took to the sky like a bird
And you’re my angel now

You’re my angel now
There’ll be no more suffering
You’re my angel now
And with all the love you bring
I know I’ll make it somehow
And I can handle anything
Because you’re my angel now

There will be no more fears
There will be no more lies
There will be no more tears falling from your tired eyes
There will be no more hate
And no more need to fight
Only infinite joy and eternal delight
Because you’re my angel now


  1. That is the most beautiful words ever put together, and I know they come straight from your heart. Cuddling in the morning sure brings the best love out of you doesn't it. MORE CUDDLING IS IN ORDER! Love you!