Sunday, November 10, 2013

Give Me Music

©2013 David Moody

Good Lord, give me music
When my heart is in pain
You know I sure could use it
Or I can’t be staying
Good Lord, take my pain
And heartache and my sorrow
Or I just can’t remain
Even ‘til tomorrow

Good Lord, give me the blues
When I’ve overpaid my dues
Feel the pavement through my shoes
And my socks
Good Lord, give me the rock
And don’t you ever let it stop
Could we take it from the top
So it ROCKS?

Give me strength to carry on
Boldly into the dawn of another day
Give me strength to get along
With all these bozos along the way
Give me strength to carry on
And keep me strong enough to play
This stupid game and let me win
I would NOT abuse it
Lord, give me music.

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