Wednesday, February 15, 2012

You're my Tomorrow

©2012 David Moody

I folded the fabric of space and time
In the Chinese laundry of life,
And all I got was this t-shirt.  
But I like it.
I molded all your heroes from the thoughts in your mind
Including this quandary of life
And made sure you won’t get hurt.  
Hope you like it

But I know it’s time to learn anew
And I only learn the best stuff from you
So I keep chuckin’ these mufflers and hangin’ these pipes
And wond’ring how any of this could be right,
And I’m almost certain you’re the answer
I can’t deny it, so let’s try it.

You’re my tomorrow
And you’ll be better than today
If I could borrow one more breath
And one more life if I could save
You’re my tomorrow
And I’m forever in your debt
Please forgive me if I’m not there yet
‘Cause I’m as close to you as I can get
At 11:59:59 – will I make it on time
To complete the design?
I know I’ll never make it without these friends of mine