Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Famous Secret Party

©2012 David Moody

The famous secret party
We never let on
We just went through the motions
Until it finally dawned on you
Your wild and crazy friends
They came to see you play
Until that moment arrived
It was just another day for you

You have no idea
But you know what you like
What it means for them to see ya
In the theater lights
You have no idea
How hard it all was
And we did it all just because

The famous secret party
And you never knew
Anything was brewing
‘Til you finally tasted the brew
The awesome circumstance
Brought the emotions on
And the eventual dance
Went on the whole night through

1 comment:

  1. The great story behind this is explained in the video. Mike "I'm not drunk - I'm just drinking" Tassi had no idea there were almost 200 friends and family in the audience until his good friend Ron exposed his clever ruse to bring him onstage and then open the curtain. I would call this "unparallelled" terms of surprise parties! Hence: "The Famous Secret Party"