Monday, April 25, 2011

Will You Love Someone Tonight?

©2011 David Moody

We should know better
Still we always have a war
We should know better
What the love of God is for
Living in peace with your brothers and sisters
Is it so damned hard?  Let me ask you, mister…
Did you love someone today?

We should know better
Still we always do what’s wrong
Though we know what’s right
So why can’t we get along?
And live a decent life with one another
Is it too much to bear?  Let me ask you, brother…
Did you love someone today?

Did you think of them
When you were far away?
Did you ask sweet Jesus
Just to let them stay
By your side until your dying day?
Did you love someone today?

Did you ask for guidance?
How to do what’s right?
Did you need your shades
to observe the sight?
Will you feel despair or will you see delight?
Will you love someone tonight?


  1. I love you every night. I must say you out did yourself this time.

  2. As I love poetry this was absolutely beautiful.
    It asks the question now will people answer!
    I am following.
    Peace....Naila Moon

  3. You've got it is a verb not a noun.

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