Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Because it's You

©2011 David Moody

You’re every song I ever heard
That almost made me dance
A special moment just occurred…
Some kind of happenstance
Then whispered every single word
And put me in this trance
Because it’s you

Nobody questions what you do
The reason for your action
Nobody asked you to be true
We can’t deny attraction
What this whole thing comes right down to
It total satisfaction
‘cause it’s you

Because it’s you
It doesn’t matter what you do
Because it’s you
We say it’s true and we believe in our souls
Because it’s you
I want to make your dreams come true
Because it’s you
There are no other worthy life-long goals
Because it’s you


  1. Just want you to know that I think you are the sweetest thing in the world to post on Dolly's blog. I know that she really appreciates your support! My hubby tells me that my posts are good and that I'm a great writer, but I would LOVE to have him write a comment. I really know Dolly loves the things you do and say to and for her. You are a TRUE rock star in body and soul!! HUGGLES!