Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wet Like Fire

©1020 David Moody

I call her “Baby”
Then I tell her that I love her
I never ever want her to forget
I’m thinking maybe
We’ve got so much to discover
It depends on what we’re willing to bet

Baptized in this river of sorrows
Why can’t we give her better tomorrows?
We have a certain issue to resolve
This could be a new beginning
All of us losers could wind up winning
On this lonely planet where we revolve

Love is like the ocean
Love is in your tears
Love is in the falling rain
Affects you like a potion
Love engenders fears
Right now it’s playing tricks on your brain
And every heartfelt notion
Love is in your blood
Like a prayer to take away the pain
That’s how love can get
But most of all,
Love is wet
Wet like fire

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