Friday, October 22, 2010

See the Magic

©2010 David Moody

You might investigate
The nature of what you are
You really underestimate
The progress you have made so far
But I can see the magic
I can see the sun behind the cloud

I know you had to wait
And find a place to park your car
But here we are, and this is great
May the Good Lord bless this place where we are
So we can see the magic
I might have to play a little louder

Rock & Roll could save your soul
The rest is up to you
Just let the music take control
That’s all you have to do
Rock & Roll makes life a game
You always love to play
It never has to be the same
To be the same way


  1. I really like that! You are quite the talented young man!

  2. "Rock & Roll could save your soul."
    Hell, yes!! Love this song and thanks for always being there for Marie, you are such a terrific hubby!
    You rock ~~ in more ways than one! HaHa

  3. Well, these are pretty neat! I truly appreciate you joining our Monday's Music Moves Me! It's been an awesome day listening to all the Halloween songs & some pretty weird! hugs ! Luv ya Lots!

  4. You guys just wait 'til I figure out how to do this "blog" thing!