Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Hardening of the Times

©2008 David Moody

This is the civilized side of disaster
What I can’t crush and destroy,
I will learn to master
This is the clean side of the pile of dirt
The more I enjoy the pain
The less I feel the hurt

This is the bright side of the atom bomb
You won’t see a brighter one
Until you’re long gone
Why don’t we try to get along
Try to make things right instead of
Playing that same sad song

You are the one
Who makes it all come true
Who keeps me in the red and makes the sky so blue
You are the one
Between my heaven and hell
I never knew you at all until I knew you too well

I Play along
You promise it can’t go wrong
I feel the burn
And as I live, so I will learn
Please take the time
To heal this troubled mind
This is the hardening of the times

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