Wednesday, December 17, 2008

That Song

©2008 David Moody

I know that song
I’ve heard it before
There’s no turning back from your place in the sack
In the back of Santa’s big black Cadillac
I know this snow
In the midnight glow
Of a moon that shines on a world so blind
To all the good I do and all the bad I lack

I know that song
And the inspiration
All we need to feel is that the love that’s real
So we don’t have to steal what we need to seal the deal
I’ve seen the light
But it wasn’t quite as bright
As the hope that I might gain some second sight
To know what’s wrong, what’s right, and let me love you all night

Do you remember
Do you remember that song
That stupid thing we sang together all night long
Do you remember
Do you remember that song
It was an instrumental, but we just sang along
I know that song

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