Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thank God For Music

©2014 David Moody

If I couldn’t hear my music
I know I would surely loose it
I think I feel a song coming on
If it weren’t for sweet rhythm
Insanity would be a given
And I would never have lasted this long

I can’t stand humanity
Don’t understand the vanity
I can’t stand the names that I’ve been called
You don’t have the right
To keep me sleepless every night
With your attitude, and I am just appalled

Thank God for music
It makes me feel like the hate is unreal
Thank God for music
It makes me see it was just made for me
Thank God for music
It’s a blessing, and I’m not just guessing
I’m thanking God for music
‘Cause it’s everything I ever wanted to make
And you can make a note of that, and you can take it to the bank

If we didn’t hear the music
We’d take this life and we’d abuse it
And we’d never even get along
If we couldn’t hear the music
People would make me and you sick
Because we couldn’t fill our hearts with a song

If it wasn’t for the songs
We would never get along
We would never even have a chance
If it wasn’t for the songs
Every thing would be so wrong
And your lonely soul would never find romance

Thank God for music

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