Tuesday, September 3, 2013

She's American

©2013 David Moody

We’ve seen her at her best
And we’re seen her at her worst
We have rejoiced when she was blessed
And prayed for her when she was cursed

She’s been through damn near every test
And she came out on top
Now this is just like all the rest
You aught to know that you can’t stop

Men and women of every race and creed
If they can’t get what they want,
They can find what they need
In America
Boys and girls - they all need to learn
That we’ve never been entitled
To things we didn’t earn
In America
Weave every color of the rainbow with every faith
And how we’ve hoped and prayed to finally find this place
This is why the girl will never have to hide her face
She’s American

1 comment:

  1. this poem reverberates with optimism and hope. i need to hear this, as things are getting rather jaded, in my view.