Thursday, October 18, 2012

She's the Only One

©2012 David Moody

She’s the only one
Who knows how I really like it
She’s the only one

She’s the only one
Who means a damn thing to me
If I might say it obviously
She’s the only one

There were some parties
There were libations
The work was hard
God blessed vacations
And when the work was finally done,
I knew she was the only one

I want to take you somewhere you’ve never been
You never dreamed of in your wildest dreams
I want to love you again, and again, and again
Just so you know
Just so you know
Just so you know what that really means

I’ve got a job to do that will never be done
I’ve been working real hard in the midday sun
Of all the reasons I’d ever say this hell is so much fun
She’s the only one

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