Monday, July 2, 2012

Red, White, and Bruised

©2012 David Moody

Out there
I met some people who care
But I can’t find them anywhere today
They all love
The country they’re so proud of
But now their rights are being taken away
And this land
Was where free men could make a stand -
It is this “Nation Under God” for which I pray

No words
Could ever say quite enough
There’s just no amount of stuff you could say
We have heard
Every lie that could be told
And some believed you’re good as gold, and let you stay
But now we
Have all had more than we can take
And we’re all inviting you to go away

To whom it may concern…
You’ve had your turn
At the wheel of the land of the free
You can worship in a Mosque or under a steeple
It doesn’t matter what religion is used
Send our warships out to maybe try and keep a little
Peace on earth – it’s so confused
But give America back to the American people

The Red, White, and Bruised

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