Wednesday, January 11, 2012

That's That

©2012 David Moody

I called my baby on the telephone
‘Cause she doesn’t like to be left alone
I’m her sunrise - she’s my twilight zone
And that’s that

I love my baby every chance I can
It's all over my calendar 'cause it's part of the plan

She's my love machine - I'm her maintenance man

And that's that

Don’t need no magnets telling me how opposites attract
Don’t need no GPS to show me where it’s at
When it’s right here in my heart, as a matter of fact
All the time
Don’t need no lab to see how all the elements react
It’s a science, I know - but it’s not too exact
So, the study will continue ‘til I’ve got it down pat
And she’s all mine
And that’s that

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