Sunday, January 16, 2011

Only if You Stay

©2011 David Moody

The strangeness of your days
And your dangerous ways
Make you easy prey for colorful truth
You search only to find
No peace inside your mind
Not like the kind you knew in your youth

When you were younger
When you had the hunger
For your name up there in lights
When you wrote that song
You knew it couldn’t be wrong
You spent too many lonely nights

We could die tomorrow
And that’s why I’m borrowing
Your precious time today
We should share this time
I’ll give you all of mine
And maybe more if I can find a way

But only if you stay


  1. New lyrics! Totally awesome dude, but this week was music from our youth. What was your favorite song in high school. Okay, I'll give ya a slide this time. Hey, what no plug for your videos from open mic last week. Just click on on the left there, and you get to see "Designated Riders" perform live at the "Chord on Blues".

  2. Great post. I will come back later. It looks like you haven't posted your Monday Music yet. Doylene

  3. How nice... Looks like she stayed.
    You guys make a great couple.
    But Marie is right, what was your favorite song in high school? I'm guessing you liked some kind of southern rock or Dylan.

  4. I haven't seen your posts for a long time.

    "...easy prey for colourful truth..." Would that be truth that is amazingly tantilizing or would that be lies that threaten to deceive you?

    Still, a plea to not be left behind always gives a heart tug.