Friday, September 24, 2010

Hear the Music

©2010 David Moody

My money will never make me wealthy
Just as my faith will never make me God
I’m with the doctor, and I’m thinking I’m healthy
He sees my chart and he says: “That’s odd…”
But I don’t want to know

In this crazy world we live in
Where some folks are never satisfied
They believe they’ll receive based on what they achieve
They want to take us for our final ride
But we don’t want to go

So, what’s the loco motive?
What drives this train of thought?
Who do they think will go to visit them
When they get caught?

I know they’re on a mission
Some twisted, deadly scheme
If they could dance on Sunday
They’d awaken from this dream

Hear the music
It’s the universal language, understood
Hear the music
I believe we might have something here that’s good
Here, the music
Seems right – Lord, I could listen all night and I might
Like to turn it up a little if I could
Just hear the music


  1. I like the "locomotive driving the train of thought". Great imagery.

  2. Love your play on words this time, Dave. Hey, don't forget to play along tomorrow, "Monday's Music Moves Me". Your contribution of music lyrics is a good twist for meme.

  3. I'm with Rosemary... that was my favorite line also, plus tha part about music being the universal language - that is so true!

  4. "If they could dance on Sunday. They’d awaken from this dream" - but the trick is knowing just how to do that? That's the lyric that spoke to me. I'm a fan and a follower already.

  5. what no video YOu not playing RIGHT!!

  6. Love this, Dave! So...when are you going to perform this on video for us? ;)

    Monday Music: Big Big Big BIG Water

  7. Definitely love the play on words.

    I try to imagine the beat behind this.

  8. Hey, what no lyrics this week??? I know, you had your hands full with me. Sorry, but you're still a sweetheart! Right now I'm listening to your practice. All my loving I will give to you!~ JD is singing that. Who's playing the wrong notes down there. Love the harmonies. Good job. I appreciate you signing the linky every week. Makes it look like we got more people. Love ya!

  9. Hey you! You're making me look bad here. How about a music video or some new lyrics??? Tanks!