Sunday, May 9, 2010

Another Day in Paradise

© 2010 David Moody

It’s early in the morning
Now another day is born and
I disregard the warning
That it’s already late
The sky is getting lighter
And the birds are getting louder
As a chance to live is forming
And it’s already great

It’s another day in paradise

Now let me understand
Everything that you’ve got planned
And I’d like to lend a hand
If you don’t mind
Let’s make a better tomorrow
No more hate and no more sorrow
Only love in all the land
Lord, help us find

Another day in paradise

Please pardon our dust
We’re still under construction
As we do what we must
To reaffirm our self-destruction
As we take this earth
Once so pure and pristine
Take her for all she’s worth
To make our precious gasoline
We have raped this planet
From the inside out
Unaware or just not caring
How on earth we'll live without

Another day in paradise

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