Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Business

©2009 David Moody

I’m not riding into this town
Without a guaranteed ride back out
When I’m good and done

I am not your kung-fu clown
And I know what you’re thinking about
Brother, I’m not the one

You came in here
With nothing to fear
And now your words have defied your action
We were bought and sold
With your heart of fool’s gold
All that glitters had a natural attraction

You’re so strange
That’s why I call you stranger
You are the best part of this never-ending show
Just never change
Avoid the danger
You might create the best art we'll ever know

This is the business
Givin’ you the business
Time waits for no one – gotta make that buck
Step right up
Try a little in your cup
But it can only be delivered with a truck

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