Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Falling Apart

©2008 David Moody

You want the good stuff
I know it’s hard to find
You’ve got to keep on looking best you can
Before it’s good enough
It’s got to blow your mind
You need to get it from a natural man
A natural man

You want the finer things
They make your life worthwhile
They put a smile right inside your heart
You want to find your wings
Your composure and your style
You’re so together while I’m falling apart
Just falling apart

I’m falling apart
Like sandcastles in the rising tide
I’m falling apart
Losing everything I’ve got inside
They’re calling it art
It’s just emotions I cannot hide
Maybe it’s just the start
Of some wild and crazy ride
When I’m falling apart

1 comment:

  1. Yeah you're fallin' apart dude! You are like totally out there man! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out there!